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An ultralight party game about the impending alpacalypse.


The Magician?

What good is a magic trick when you’re trying to keep your species alive? A whole lot, if you can get the other llamas to believe in magic. He’ll say whatever he can to save his life.

The Hair Stylist?

Fluffy llama hair can get out-of-control fast. Many llamas will demand a stylist on the lifeboat. But an unruly few may let it all hang out. Do the last remaining llamas need style?

The Tattoo Artist?

With a smaller population of llamas, things might get a little…tribal. You want to look good representing your clan. See if the others don’t have anything against tattoos…

The Landscape Architect?

No gardens or parks on a spaceship. Maybe he can design a park when we arrive at our new planet. At the very least, he can help organize the place. Such a useful llama!

Llamageddon wiped out all but 100 humanoid llamas! Now you can own one of these super-rare, hand-drawn NFTs.

The Llast 100 – NFT Collection

Check it out!

How to Play


It’s the end of the world, but fluffier.

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