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The Llast 100 – NFT Collection

Llamageddon wiped out all but 100 humanoid llamas! You can now own one of these super-rare, hand-drawn NFTs.

An NFT is born when it gets minted. You can mint a Llamageddon NFT via the link below. In order to mint, you will need an ethereum wallet. (We recommend Metamask.) After you've minted an NFT, you hold 100% ownership over it, and you can access it using your decentralized crypto wallet.

The cost of minting a Llamageddon NFT is 0.05 ETH (ethereum).

Mint now!

Buy now on OpenSea

OpenSea is the world's largest NFT marketplace. It works as a secondary marketplace where you can buy NFTs that have been minted, or you can list your own ones for sale.

You need an ethereum wallet to trade on OpenSea.

The prices on secondary markets are set by the owners of the NFTs.


Rarity Checker

You will soon be able to check the rarity of your NFTs. Stay tuned'


The Team

LLAMAGEDDON was created by PanIQ Room™, an international entertainment franchise.

Check out Paniq room